Low cooked trout 6 eur

Potato-cucumber salad, herb mayo, quail egg, fishroe



Kalamatsi goat cheese salad  6,8 eur

smoked beetroots, beet vinaigrette, beet pesto, nuts



Fresh beetroot-quinoa salad 7 eur

Fresh salad, fried goat cheese



Fellin  sandwhich 7 eur

With lamb: mushrooms, pickles, smoked mayo, onion


Beef tar- tar  8 eur

worchester, buckwheat crisp, tomato chutney



Combo from cold kitchen  12 eur

ask for todays’ selection

for 2



Estonian cheese plate 12 eur

Selection of cheeses from Estonian farms, onion marmalade, apple toffee

for 2



Main dishes


Fish soup 6 eur

63 degree egg, white fish, potato, pearl onion



Borsch a’la Fellin  6 eur

pulled pork, green onion, sour cream



Tomato orsoto 8 eur

roasted tomato, goat cheese, fresh pesto



Spicy Fellin pasta with mushrooms or beef 8 eur/9 eur

with mushrooms: vegetables, herbs, coconut cream

with beef: green onion, parmesan, vegetables


Stodgy pork 12 eur

mushroom-zuccini salad, mustardy hollandaise sauce


Butter-fried local fish 13 eur

vegetables, fresh potato, herb mayo, white wine-butter sauce



Long-cooked lamb leg 13 eur

Mulgi puré, juniper-dessertwine sauce, onion cream, roasted leek





Creamy chicken pasta, tomato 4,5 eur

Pike-perch filé wth potato puré and vegetables 4,5 eur


Something sweet



Barley brulee 5 eur

strawberry, mint



Cream cheese mousse with Old Tallinn Liqueur 5 eur

crispy bread, dewberry sorbet



Selection of ice-creams 5 eur

Ask for todays selection from waiters!

/ vv*/




L – lactose free

G – gluten free

V – vegetarian

Vv – vegan



Külasta Veebiaken OÜ kodulehekülge