Cafés have always been social and cultural meeting points, places to enjoy a cup of coffee and meet people. When the first coffee houses were opened in Mecca they were meant more for spiritual and educational development than social communication. In the café people rather talked than danced, rather played chess than gamble. Turkish have called the cafés “schools of the wise men” and for English people cafés were “the one penny university”.

Our café Fellin is created to connect the best tastes of food and wine, for interesting conversations, good music, poetry and of course, the best of coffee and tea. Old piano in the corner is not standing in vain and all kinds of musical instruments fill the rooms from time to time. The poetry nights with famous Estonian poets are held and the Viljandi Jazzclub has it’s concerts every Tuesday from September till May every year.

A cup of cocoa can be complemented by a book, a cup of fresh peppermint tea allows for endless discussions with a friend, a glass of wine makes the paintings on the wall even more enjoyable.





Külasta Veebiaken OÜ kodulehekülge